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We produce compelling video that works for you

We meet you to gain complete understanding of your goals. We pull together facts about your organization and the audience you hope to influence.

After working with you to get a deep appreciation of your objectives and developing a budget, we create a shooting script shaped to clearly convey your message.

By working really hard

Your message comes alive on location as we capture crisp images and clear audio, then add graphics, narration and music in the editing process.

We deliver your video file to a convenient digital drop box, burn it to DVD or thumb drive, or transmit it to broadcast and cable entities. You get your video your way.

Oh, and playing hard too

We’re here for you 100 percent. We do video, and yeah, we’re really good at it. We work hard to make sure you are happy. And we are happy to accept free samples offered after shooting a brewery tour. That’s just how we are.

Now that you know about us, perhaps you should meet us


Jim Gray

As your producer I put together the resources needed to present your story. As your director I serve as the eyes and ears of your production team to make sure your message looks and sounds as intended.

Ed Redding

As your scriptwriter I collaborate with your team. The result of our work is a video script crafted to lift your audience to greater levels of emotional engagement with your message and greater recall of information.